Very protective, frail looking but backed with a cloak full of tricks she vows to find out why she has an evil eye and who cursed her.


AC= 20
Hp= 29
Fort= 14
Ref= 16
Will= 16

+2 vs Daze/stun/charm


Tnemom is a Hamadryad who was cast out of her village for being marked with an evil eye by [______], and her parents were killed for this as well. A family of Tieflings last named [______], found her as a baby in the brush outside of [Their hometown] and took her in until the [City/Others] found out the kid had an Evil Eye and banished her [Age: 5yrs old].

Upon being banished she ran into the woods where she cried for days for help and a few day into it a Disembodied Hand came to her and began teaching her how to be a witch with its one handed sign language and scratch sounds it makes to her. [To others it looks very similarly like she is talking to herself]

After spending 10 years in solitude training with her companion [Age: 15] she left to learn about the world and how she fit in it for another 10 [Age: 25], in which time she learned about religion where she became very interested in Laeris as her god which has inspired her to be very creative in ways she deals with threats against her.

As her adventure starts and her Familiar OK’ed her to begin travels she has decided to track down who gave her the Evil Eye, her Tiefling Family, and Where HER Family was Killed at.

She also wants to Exterminate ALL Mindless Undead along the way, Find out why she was given her Evil Eye, and WHY HER Family had to be killed.

She HATES: Mindless Undead, Hamadryads, Evil Eye People

She LIKES: Tieflings, Witches,

Session 1 update:
upon reaching the town of [TOWN NAME] she spent a few weeks checking things out and making friends with the 4 Tiefling children of the {Inn Name] owners. the day that she gathered the nerve to start asking the Tieflings’ their feeling toward their cousins [the ones that took her in], she saw a monk [Don’Avan Maks] looking to state his position in their inn and help the gaurd. She took this as an opportunity to test the gaurd of the town and raise her status with the Tiefling children since the teens showed dislike of the gaurd and the little ones like seeing her mess with people with her magic.
after spending most of the day leading Don’Avan Maks, Byakko the barbarian, Kaze Kage the dragonborn monk, and Kyosei the halfling samurai through town on a wild “witch” hunt, she left to spend the rest of the day watching over the kids and gaining more approval. Wit hnight comign and the celebration at hand she went to watch, where she met the town cleric [Davin Shieldhand, the local cleric of Pelor] where he gave her a blessing which made her feel much better and returned it by prayign to [Laeris} in favor that if he was in a tight spot he would guide them out somehow. at this moment Don’Avan caught her and she threw harmless light in his face and surprised him, and Kaze Kage [hater of magic] came barreling toward her and she hypnotised him into tackling Don’Avan instead then the samuri threw his salamander at her and her familiar jumped and tackled it mid air. she relaxed and allowed herself to be tied up by a grappling hook throw and they took her out of town. it was here they began to question her and she let them see she was a hamadryad and just looking to keep them away from the inn and protect the tieflings, but injured dwarfs showed up. (she had her familiar untie her while they were distracted) and began to run off to the inn but Kaze Kage caught her and the dwarfs actually arrived and the present danger of a poison that could her a dwarf in battle was brought up. the party is decideing what to do now…..


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